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Best Cordless Drill – What Qualifies as Best?

DeWALT 12V Cordless Screwdriver
Creative Commons License photo credit: Charles & Hudson

There is no best cordless drill; it’s the user who makes the best use out of them. Getting a drill suited to your needs is more important than finding a drill that has every kind of function in it. This is why we have outlined some important things to keep in mind so that your simple cordless drill  can become the best cordless drill for you.

For users who won’t be needing a cordless drill for heavy duty usage, getting one which has the option of becoming a screwdriver is a good option. It would give you more value for your money and having a power screwdriver comes in handy at times. The Black & Decker AD600 6-Volt Alkaline 1/4-Inch Hex Cordless Drill/Driver with Accessory Assortment is an excellent example of this type of cordless drill. It takes very less time for it to convert from a drill to a screwdriver and it runs on 4 AA batteries which reduces time delays if you run out of juice.

Now, for people who are interested in some heavy duty construction work, the Makita BDF451 – 18 Volt Lithium Ion Driver Drill Kit should be the cordless drill for them. It has a lithium ion battery which boasts a great battery time and recharges quicker as well. It’s the best power drill since it comes with a full warranty and is used by professionals.

Now these were examples of a lower and a higher end model, and so it’s best if you do some research so you end up buying the best cordless drill for yourself. It’s always a good idea to check up on consumer reviews as there might be an in-depth comparison as well as the pros and cons of different types of cordless drills. This will help you get one that would be best suited to your needs, and it will also give you a chance of actually getting to know the cordless drill before you actually use it.