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Baby Teeth Jewelry

It’s another big milestone when your child loses their first tooth. Loosing baby teeth is a rite of passage that graduates your child from baby to big boy or girl. If only we can preserve those precious milestones forever. Oh, but we can! One of the hottest mama trends right now is turning those baby teeth into wearable jewelry. Long gone are the days of bronzed baby shoes or plastered hand and footprints. The newest, questionably most creative accessory is having your child’s lost molar tooth cast in sterling silver or gold, and turned into a necklace pendant, charm bracelet, or earrings.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you are probably wondering how this hot new accessory will go from functional to fashionable. Here’s how you get started. Once that tooth is a goner, it is advised to clean it off and keep it secured. Once you find a reputable jeweler who makes it into a piece of jewelry, all you have to do is send it in. They make a mold of the tooth, cast it in silver or gold, attach a small jump ring and affix it on the chain, earring, etc., depending on the way you want to wear it. Shops online claim the finished product to be a natural-looking exact replica of the child’s real tooth.

It’s an interesting concept which rivals another popular surge of keepsakes “breast milk jewelry”. No, that was not a typo. Like baby teeth, many nursing moms are packing up samples of breast milk, sending them to the maker and having it turned into a pendant to be worn as a keepsake. All you have to do is search online, and you can easily find a jeweler who makes this “keepsake” from your milk. Along this track, I’m guessing the next hottest trend will likely be an umbilical cord necklace.

Obviously, these trends aren’t for everyone. More traditional moms go for a lock of hair from their youngster’s first haircut, their first receiving blanket, or storing that first lost tooth in a keepsake box. However, there are some trendy mommas out there who prefer more unconventional mementos!

This article is provided on behalf of West Palm Beach dentist Dr. Sam Sadati,