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Avoid Extreme Weight Loss Tips

Hippocrates wasn’t wrong when he exclaimed “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”, nutritional medicine is really what food is all about.   Our body is an amazing and complex biochemical machine, that has specific requirements for health including specific nutritional requirements.  There are over forty five different vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids required by the body ,in order to maintain health.  These are by no means the only requirements, other ingredients include water, air, heat and sunlight, without the sun the body cannot convert the much needed vitamin D.  A deficiency of an essential nutrient can result in mild to chronic ill health and disease, most of which are caused by nutritional imbalances   It is important therefore that healthy weight loss tips must be based around a sensible eating plan, one that will sustain the body on a daily basis, whilst warding off hunger pangs and nourishing the body with the important life giving essential nutrients, that many foods have to offer.  Sadly our westernized diet is characterized by dietary excess and shortages, it has been said that many people in the west are over fed, yet undernourished, the processed convenience foods that we are so ready to eat, can have very detrimental effects on the body’s biochemistry.

For optimum nutrition and health, it is important to follow weight loss tips that endorse an eating plan that can be used throughout life, one that will help to maintain your natural weight, as opposed to one that follows the latest fad diet, recommended buy some glossy magazine, that once you finish, sees you frustratingly pile all the pounds back on.  Its about going back to basic’s and eating natural and nutritional whole foods, that will protect your body against disease whilst creating a foundation of health, that will set you on the path to well being and vitality for many years to come.