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Argos Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a relatively new thing in the UK. Over the last few years more and more companies are now rolling out various policies for people looking to insure their pets. Vetinary fees can be very costly if your pet becomes ill, so taking out cover is a sensible idea.

Of course the emotional attachment between owners and pets is the main reason for these companies appearing. With a large choice of insurance companies it pays to look around to find the best cover. Argos has thrown it’s hat into the ring, and are currently pushing their policies over the internet and on television.

Their prices are very competitive, and there are 3 levels of cover, these being bronze, silver and gold. You can read all about the small print in the argos online catalogue, and also by phoning their free phone number. As the competiton grows you will probably see reduced quotes and more aggressive marketing practices. But having looked at the level of cover that argos deliver, they do appear to be the most comprehensive in the market at the present time. Argos are building on their hard earned reputation in the retail sector, and are using this to their advantage, not only with pet insurance, but also with travel insurance.