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Acne Not Just Teens

Acne is a skin condition that is seen in 8 out of 10 teenagers irrespective of their gender, race and ethnicity. While most of the acne is seen on the face, it can also be seen on chest, neck, back and shoulder. Acne is formed by clogging the skin pores by dirt, oil and bacteria. Factors that influence the formation of acne are genetics, hormones, use of medication like steroids and diet.  All of which makes teens wonder how they will ever be acne free.

People who have acne prone skin should wash the skin twice daily using warm water and soap. This removes the oil and dirt from the skin and prevents acne. Since diet plays a major role in the formation of acne, consumption of fatty foods like chocolate, cheese and other oily foods should be minimized. A well balanced diet is ideal to maintain the skin healthy. A diet rich in vitamin A and vitamin E also reduces the acne.

Tea tree oil is one of the popular home remedy for acne. It has anti-bacterial property, which when applied to the skin can kill the acne causing bacteria. Fresh Lemon juice is another great home remedy for acne. It can be applied using cotton balls and should be washed after 30 minutes. If this treatment is done regularly, it is very effective in treating acne. The other home remedies include application of fresh tomato paste, mint paste and aloe Vera. Mineral and vitamin supplements such as Zinc, vitamin A and Vitamin E enhance the effectiveness of natural remedies.