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Acai Berry Marvel

The acai berry is currently all the craze. It is a small round purple colored fruit found only in the Amazon rainforest and certain parts of Central Americe. It is often blended with other fruits to give a refreshing and tasty fruit juice drink that allows the consumer to take full advantage of the terrific benefits that the acai berry is capable of conveying.

Amongst the benefits that can be obtained simply by eating a portion of acai berries regularly include predominantly weight loss as it acts as an appetite suppressant due to a high fat and protein content within the berry. It also acts as an anti-oxidant helping the body rid itself of free radicals which are frequently blamed for causing cancer.

Bowl of Acai Berries
Creative Commons License photo credit: gurucrusher

If you haven’t yet caught onto the range of benefits that the acai berry can provide then you should use this article as a starting point and find out more about this amazing natural food.