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A Workers Compensation Attorney Will Help When You Have Been Injured On The Job

Prior to the creation of workers compensation if you were injured on the job you usually did not receive any compensation at all. In fact, not only were you not compensated for your injuries, you were usually fired from your job. Over the years various countries implemented workers compensation laws and eventually the United States joined the ranks. Workers compensation laws are designed to benefit both the employee and the employers, by providing benefits to the employee, and protection from negligence lawsuits for the employer. Workers compensation provides cash payments and medical care for individuals who have been injured on the job. When you are injured on the job it is your employer’s responsibility to make sure that the appropriate paperwork is submitted and that you have access to medical care. However, a workers compensation attorney can assist you should your employer delay the process or hinder your ability to receive the medical care that you are entitled to.

The first workers compensation laws in the United States were passed in 1855. The Employer Liability Act was designed to give employees the ability to sue their employer if they were injured on the job. However, the act required the employee to prove negligence and fault on the part of the employer, which was usually difficult to do. Today, every state within the United States has workers compensation laws. One of the requirements of modern workers compensation laws is that in order for a worker to receive workers compensation benefits he must relinquish his ability to sue his employer for negligence. The trade-off for this is that the employee has all of his medical care paid for and receives weekly cash payments while he is unable to return to work. Should you happen to suffer injuries while on the job a workers compensation attorney will be able to explain the law as it relates to your particular circumstances.

When you are injured on the job it is the responsibility of your employer to fill out the necessary paperwork and make sure you receive medical care as soon as possible. Your employer’s workers compensation insurance provider will have a physician that you will be sent to for your initial examinations. Once you have been seen by the workers compensation physician, he will determine your course of treatment, and will send you for further tests if they are deemed necessary. It is important that you inform the physician of any and all physical problems you are experiencing as a result of the injuries.

Occasionally employees have difficulty receiving the medical care that they are in need of. If this should happen to you, contact a workers compensation attorney. Your attorney will make sure that you receive the medical care that you are entitled to. A workers compensation attorney will also make sure that you receive your cash payments, as well as any additional medical treatment that you might be in need of. For instance, if it is determined that you are in need of physical therapy, or chiropractic treatment, your attorney will work to get you those treatments.

Being injured on the job can turn your life completely upside down, especially if your injuries are severe, and keep you from working for an extended period of time. Workers compensation insurance is designed to assist you while you are unable to work. Should you have difficulty receiving your workers compensation benefits, or you are receiving less than you should be receiving, a workers compensation attorney will be able to assist you in receiving the benefits you are legally entitled to. Click here to find out more.