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A Few Tips to Help you Learn Japanese

The Japanese language is one of the most widely learned languages around the world. A lot of people are engaged in learning this language for different purposes. Some people decide to learn it because they need to use it in their business life while others jump into learning it because they are fascinated by the Japanese culture.

Japanese is not the easiest language to learn for an English speaker as you can find out by clicking here. However, it is learnable. Like any other skill, language learning requires a lot of time and practice. If you are willing to put in the effort, you can learn any language you choose. The following tips will help you learn Japanese more quickly.

Learn at your own pace

Don’ t push yourself too hard. Many people try to rush through language learning but this is not possible. This is a process that is designed to take time. So, you have got to be patient to get the rewards. Plan out your course of study over a relatively long period of time and be consistent in your learning. Try to learn something about Japanese every day.


Don’t spread yourself too thin. Never try to learn everything at once. It is good to decide the things you would like to learn first and then get down to learning. Determine which elements of the language are the most important and focus your study plan on them. For example, start your vocabulary learning by studying the most common words in the Japanese language.

Learn on the go

Don’t restrict your learning to the classroom. Try to learn everywhere and whenever you have some time to spare. Use your mobile phone as a learning center; install Japanese learning apps and work on them in your free time. This is one way to overcome the lack of time that many people cite when they engage in language learning.

Learn the alphabet first!

JapaneseFirst things first. If you have not learned the Japanese alphabet yet, then that’s the first thing you should start with. You will not be able to read anything in Japanese unless you have mastered the alphabet. So, don’t try to skip it or put it off.

Read what interests you

The main reason why many people view language learning as a boring experience is because oftentimes language teachers use boring texts and techniques in their instruction. Language learning does not have to be a boring activity. Find stuff that interests you in Japanese and read it. Try also to write in Japanese. If you do not have a Japanese keyboard yet, you can use this Japanese keyboard emulator. Reading and writing in Japanese are essential skills that every learner needs to develop.

photo by: lamdogjunkie