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3 Ways to Publish Articles Online

Getting published online isn’t as difficult as you might think. In all reality, there are tons of places that you can get your articles published. If you are just getting started out, however, here are 3 places where you can publish your articles:

  1. Guest posting- Guest posting is a way for your to publish your articles on other blogs that are relevant. Basically all that you have to do is contact another blog owner that you are interested in working with and see if they would allow you to do a guest post. If they agree then they will probably give you a range of topics that they would like to feature on their blog and you will be able to write about any of them. This is great for blog owners because they get good content for their blog which keeps their readers happy, and they don’t have to write it themselves.
  2. Article directories- One of the quickest and easiest ways to publish your articles online is to simply submit them to an article directory. When you submit your article to a directory you are allowing other people to use that article for free on their website. The only catch is that they aren’t allowed to change any of your content and must accept the piece in its entirety. A lot of people use article directories as a source for submitting their articles because it helps them to get published on a wide variety of websites. You can add a text link back to your website or another website that you are trying to promote within the article or in the author byline which will help you bring more traffic to that site. When someone accepts your article they will have to keep that link in tact if they want to use it.
  3. Start your own blog- Another really great method for publishing articles online is to start your own blog. Blogging is a really great way to build an audience and grow your following. It is also a great way to build links to other websites. If you want to start publishing articles on your own blog, make sure that you define what your blog is going to be about. If you want it to be for your business then you should try and stay on topic with things that are within your industry. If you start including random blog posts you could lose some readers, as they won’t find this information beneficial. Creating a blog and blogging regularly will help you to establish yourself as a thought leader. When you are coming up with topics to write about, consider the questions that people generally ask about your business and answer those.

If you’re still looking for more place to publish your articles online you can consult an Internet marketing agency and see what they would recommend for your personal brand or business.