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3 Concerns of the Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge Diet is a very low calorie diet that is very popular in the UK for grossly overweight individuals.  However this diet and eating plan has not caught on in the States, in part because of some concerns that many individuals have about this particular plan.  Read on to learn about 3 main concerns of the Cambridge Diet.

Concern #1: There are too few calories in the begining.  This is a huge concern since most experts don’t recommend any diet that is below 1,200 calories a day – and the Cambridge Diet

 starts out at a very mere 450-550 calories a day.

Concern #2: Supervision.  Even in the UK, only grossly overweight individuals go on this diet, and even then they are to stay in contact with a medical expert and diet coach every single week.  This isn’t a viable option everywhere, but it’s very necessary for a diet this radical.

Concern #3:  Discipline.  Many weight loss plans fail because dieters have a hard time with discipline during a strict diet, and the Cambridge is one of the most dramatic, meaning many dieters will have severe problems staying with a plan like this.

While the arguments are sure to continue, these are just a few concerns that you will want to address while looking at the Cambridge Diet plan.