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Teeth and Gums Sensitivity – Why You Should be Concerned

Pain and discomfort are common problems for people suffering from sensitive teeth and gums. This problem is triggered by various actions, including consuming hot or cold food/drinks (such as coffee or ice cream), brushing or flossing, or drinking something that is sour or sweet (such as soda). Over time, sensitive teeth and gums will have… Continue reading »

Understanding the Potential Liability of General Contractors When Entering Into Subcontracts

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita caused too much destruction in south Louisiana in 2005. Construction work has boomed in both southwestern and southeastern Louisiana as a result of both storms. Many of these construction jobs involve general contractors and subcontractors. Injuries are common in construction industry and employees that get injured in one of these construction… Continue reading »

Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments of Teeth and Gums Sensitivity

Pain and uncomfortable sensation when consuming hot, cold, sour or sweet drinks or foods are common symptoms of having sensitive teeth and gums. In some cases, you can feel sharp electric sensations through your mouth when breathing in cold air. Even ordinary brushing or flossing may give you unpleasant feeling. Teeth and gum sensitivity has… Continue reading »

Cocktail Dresses for Full Figured Women: Top Designers and Brands

Back in the room
Many plus size women dread having to attend functions that require dressing up. Mainly because a lot of women don’t own dresses they feel they look good in, and they dread the idea of an afternoon spent in fitting rooms, trying dress after dress that just does not do anything for them. All who have… Continue reading »

An Athlete’s Guide to Conquering Stress

Stress that is left hanging in the balance inside the body can cause plenty of health problems. Muscle tension is just the tip of the ice berg. Stress can impact the body which can range from oxidative stress, premature aging, inflammation and chronic diseases. It can also ruin your performance as a recreational athlete. This… Continue reading »

Beating Depression Naturally

Are you having periodic bouts of depression? Although feeling sad and depressed every once in a while may seem normal but prolonged depression that goes on even after a couple of months must be taken seriously. And, if you are thinking about taking antidepressants, wait until you have tried to opt for the natural route… Continue reading »

The Plus-Size Girl’s Guide to Finding the Right Prom Dress

VIP in Prom Dress
Many young ladies dread prom season because they feel they possess more curves than other prom goers, making it impossible to find a dress that fits them well. There is no reason to feel this way. There are so many styles, lengths and colors out there that everyone is sure to find the perfect dress.… Continue reading »

Ways to Reduce Stress When Working on a Project

Being able to complete a project is something that is very fulfilling. But, when something gets in the way such as stress, project completion is almost impossible. The good thing about it is that there are many ways to bust stress and some of these are the following: Break down the project No, you’re not… Continue reading »

3 Ways to Keep Your Office Safe from Flu

One of the most common expectations when the cold season comes is the increased incidence of people having a flu. While this may seem normal for many people, it sounds more like a threat to many workplaces. This is because as more and more workers refuse to go to work because of flu, the company’s… Continue reading »

Next on Deck: The Future of Health and Wearable Tech

Endomondo Fitness App on iPhone 5
Fitness apps are not new. But frankly most of the apps that are related to health and fitness record one type of data and provide a single metric. That is why it is not surprising to have several apps that would be tracking various metrics. One app is devoted to tracking sleeping patterns. One app… Continue reading »

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